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Civitate Brendanburg | Brandenburg, BB

Third and last one! Then the many posts about my weekend of two weeks ago are (finally?) over. Today I will show you the last remaining random photos, that I somehow liked. Oh, by the way, I am actually aware, that I am not a professional photographer. I just hope out of the blog I can gain some experiences shooting nice pictures! So here are my experiments from the Brandenburg trip! :P

Okay, sorry. This is Berlin Friedrichstra├če where I started my journey heading west. The sun was so nice and I really believed the day was going to be sunny. After all it's just 50 minutes by train to arrive in Brandenburg. Well. Brandenburg's sky looked like this: grey.

I just strolled around and suddenly found myself on a soviet cemetary. I realised that a bit late, because I only focused on the monument and what is written on there in Russian. The cemetary was built right after WWII.

I already mentioned Stralsund in my last post. I had a vacation there last year with my boyfriend and we wen…

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